Justin Biharie

The second photo shoot on the sixth of January was with twenty-year-old Justin Biharie. Justin, a relaxed guy with roots from Surinam, is interested in sports and world history. 

Zeedijk La Téci FW18

Fashion is important for a lot of people. It shows who you are. This is an opinion that is shared by Justin as well. As he quotes “my fashion style is a part of me, it shows who I am”. At the age of fifteen young Justin started to get an interest in fashion. With minimal influence of others, Justin created his own style that he calls “casual but sometimes serious”. He describes it as the way he would like to represent yourself within society. 

Justin Japanese Black Hoodie FW18

In his opinion fashion differs per region or country. People from Amsterdam for instance spend a lot of time optimizing their wardrobe, while others from different places might not find that important. Justin himself does not particularly prefer a specific fashion brand, but he is convinced that a brand with a clear message is important. Brands with a statement, such as Nike, unknowingly triggers him into thinking about the subject. An inspiration and important trigger that makes him and others think about the current flaws in the world. 

Temple La Téci FW18

The sixth of January, one day, two photoshoots. All told a successful day and great performance of the two models. We can’t wait for our upcoming projects, and you?

Justin Japanese Black / Grey Hoodie FW18