Noa van Pelt

The sixth of January we had the first photoshoot of 2019 with Noa van Pelt. Noa is nineteen years old and lives in Haarlem. A confident young woman that lays her interests in having a good night with her friends, playing piano, but also has an interest in fashion, design and art. As the creative person that she is, she likes to design herself as well. 

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Inspired by great artist like Gaudi and Dali and an interest in abstract art she later wants to create her own products. Not for a greater cause but to express her own feelings and trigger the ones from others. 

Noa’s interest in fashion started at a young age. She describes her own style as comfortable but with character and a little bit different than the rest. It’s quite important for her since she deals with it every day.

It shows who you are and says a little bit about your personality.’’


She describes her generation as innovative. A lot of young adults these days are interested in fashion. The small brands are winning ground because her generation prefers it over bigger more established brands.

It’s starting to get interesting because everyone does his or her own thing”.

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In her opinion a lot of people get their inspiration from celebrities. Noa herself does not really prefer a specific brand. She finds it interesting that the current fashion brands are starting to change their way of designing. Furthermore she appreciates that more and more brands are starting to pay attention to the environment.

All told, Noa is a young and creative mind that knows what she wants. An inspiring woman that we will probably hear more of in the near future.


Noa Japanese Black Hoodie FW18Noa Japanese Black Hoodie FW18